Youth coaches want the best info about soccer positions diagram and can find it at

I seriously can't believe how these patches motivate the kids! It's amazing to see such a turnaround in our team. Arizona Coach

Tips for Teaching 1 v 1 Defending to U4 - U12 Soccer Players.

Try using the Star Patches to encourage and challenge players to work on a certain skill or skills emphasized each week at practice.

One of the big challenges of building a good rec soccer team is having players with varying athletic abilites and skills. If your team is young or inexperienced with a Zone Defense make sure demonstrate how First Defender/Second Defender and a basic Zone Defense works.

The patch reward system proved to be a huge incentive to my players. The patches were so much that I thought I would try to them out for the softball team I also coach. -Coach Tisha, CA, U.S.A.